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Fun with animals

Beautiful and fun photos of our pets. Cheerful videos and fun stories about animals. Lovely views of young animals...


Beautiful images

The most beautiful photos of animals in all environments and in all situations. Snapshots and long awaited footage...



Wild animals never cease to fascinate us. Let us learn from nature. Wild, unrestrained, beautiful face of nature...



The most beautiful images of animals in their natural environment. It is important to protect animals here...



Environmental protection is more important than ever. We joined the many projects in support of nature...


Help for animals

We help abandoned and sick animals. All profits from this website to further support the animals!

Funny videos cute animals

We are shooting and cut video of animal life. Favourites are a video compilation of funny animals and their jokes. Our last video is huge. More than 10 milion viewed on youtube! This epic youtube video compilation have more than 80 minutes. This funny cat compilation is full of funny scenes, cute kittens and cat carambols with happy end :)

This video is edited from more than 1000 shots cats and kittens. These are the best shots of funny cats cats from around the world for the last 10 years.

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  • Funny kitten video
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  • Funny puppy video
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Funny animals & cute pets

Our site is full of cute and funny animals. There are lots of articles about them and stories. We offer a comprehensive database to view funny photos. Our goal is to show you the best of nature. You can see our funny video compilations or you can browse in album with a lot of animals pictures. We bring you news from the world of nature and its protection. We see many natural attractions and bring you information about them. Now you can follow us on facebook! We hope that our site will amuse and you get much new knowledge about nature. Have a good time!

Animal wallpaper

tiger animal wallpaperOur image database has more than 10,000 photos of animals and nature. All wallpapers are neatly categorized into more than 60 categories. All animal wallpapers you can download very easy with your browser. We offer you a lot of wallpapers with all animals, plats, forests and other nature. All wallpaper you can easy download to your computer with one click! Everything is free and without registration! Can you please tell your friends about this site. Each new visitor helps environment.

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  • More than 1000 animals
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  • More than 1500 kittens ad puppies
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Meet our funny team

Cheerful animals that will accompany you on these pages. You can meet them at various points throughout the site.

Nature is...

Nature, it is not only animals and plants around us. Term nature means all matter and forces in the known universe! Natural energy is thinking of fundamental forces and energies that humans don't affect. Nature is as beautiful on earth as in space. Yet, in our talk on our webside will focus primarily on the earthly nature. We will focus mainly on animals and pets. But we will not miss even nature itself, plants and other natural phenomena.

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Did you know?

If emissions of carbon dioxide were halted today, it would take more than a century for the atmospheric level of carbon dioxide to approach its pre-industrial level.

Honey is the only food that does not spoil. Honey found in the tombs of Egyptian pharaohs has been tasted by archaeologists and found edible.

Lightning is a very powerful source of energy and a single lightning can light up the bulb for 3 months.